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Women Revolution Tapes



Mass pro-choice protests across Poland have morphed into a rebellion against an authoritarian government and an over-powerful church. Women in Poland are in a state of war.


Global Female DJs Community united in solidarity with Polish Women!

Female DJs from all around the world joined the call for creating Polish Women Revolution Tapes.

Listen to the mixtapes created to show support to Women all around the world fighting for their dignity and freedom! Read the empowering messages from women to women!

Illustrations by Izabela Nowak Design

Polish women have just lost their right to freedom of choice, dignity, and independence. The conservative Polish government banned almost all abortions - with exceptions only for rape cases, incest, or where the mother's health is at risk. Poland – a country in the middle of Europe, a member of the European Union, has now one of the most radical and strict abortion laws globally.


 We created Polish Women Revolution Tapes to show our solidarity with the female warriors from Poland and from all around the world. 

DJs and music producers from all corners of the world sent the messages of encouragement and empowering music to Polish women, who fight for their freedom. 

You are not alone! We can hear You! We can see You! We are with You! Your case is Our case!

We are with You!


Polish Women Revolution Tapes Vol.1

Global Female DJs Solidarity Mixtape 


Vintage Sounds


Polish Women Revolution Tapes Vol.2

Global Female DJs Solidarity Mixtape 

Modern Sounds

As a Polish woman living far away from my country, I wanted to show support to the women at those incredibly difficult times. I invited my sisters from global female DJ community to share the empowering songs and messages of hope. I was so incredibly happy to receive wonderful responses from the artists. The contribution of the DJs and producers from all the continents brought me a lot of faith and hope. Each DJ/ music producer sent at least 1 track with a short written message of support to the women in Poland. The selected songs got compiled into two mixtapes.

We are female DJs and producers from all corners of the world, supporting Polish Women in their fight. We joined forces to send messages of hope and love to all the female warriors who stood up against oppressive patriarchy.


Polish Women Revolution Tapes – Vol. 1

Madam Scorcher (UK), Miray Nur Yilmaz (Turkey), Dj Carie (France), Tasha Goldberg (USA), BdL (France), DJ Nixie (Belgium), Gelly Mantouvalos (Greece), Coco Maria (Mexico), DJ Honey (Australia), Ladies on Records (Poland), Nathalie Shooter (UK), Giu Nunez (Brasil), Luanda (Brazil), Dj Babs (Canada), DJ Eurotrashyash (Canada), Tropical DJipsies (Portugal), 

Polish Women Revolution Tapes – Vo. 2

Lola Villa (Colombia), DJ Carie (France), Cuenique (USA), Ellyott (Israel), Pezon DJ (Spain), Tasha Goldberg (USA), Sharouh (France), BdL (France), Ahu (Turkey), Djane Irinski (Germany), Tropical DJipsies (Belgium)

The artwork created by an amazing Polish designer - Izabela Nowak Design

     Who we are?

Polish Women Revolution Tapes

in the worldwide media

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Radio Nova (France)

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Radio Plato (Bielarus)

Cosmo Radio (Germany)

WRD Radio  (Germany)

Totally Wired Radio (UK) 

Radio Dio (France)

Rhythm Passport (UK)

Source: Radio Nova

Giu Nunez

Country: Brasil

Track: Maria Moita by Vanja Orico 

We women support each other and fight for our denied rights throughout human history. At this moment, we are contemporaries in this struggle and that is why I want to show all my support for the right to a free body and the life of all women in Poland and Brazil, who are also suffering the same backlash, with the loss of the right to abortion in cases including rape and life threatening pregnancy.

I chose one of the tracks on Vanja Orico's 1964 album, which to me is the very symbol of struggle, during the military dictatorship in Brazil, she participated in the demonstrations and put her body in front of tanks and soldiers in defence of the Brazilian people, even though she was already a famous actress.

The track is "Maria Moita" and talks about the subordination of women to men, going back to Brazil's slavery era. A painful image that places "mucama" (the house slave) the condition of women in the society in submission to the patriarchal "feitor" (the overseer of slaves, who was a slave too), both as the parents of the songwriter.

Dj Babs 

Country: Canada

Track: High School Confidential by Rough Trade 

I have included a track from a Canadian Artist named Carole Pope, and her band "Rough Trade".  The song is called "High School Confidential" 


I chose this song for a few important reasons.  Carole Pope is a feminist, LGBQT+ icon and THE defining voice of Canadian New Wave music of the 80's.   


Many young women’s first sexual encounters are often, not fully consensual. 

Additionally, those who become unintentionally pregnant and choose abortion are often punished, victim-blamed, and painted as “asking for it”, instead of being offered the resources and support they need to move on with their lives.  


This song is about female empowerment and women taking control and ownership of their sexuality without fear, judgment, or stigma.  It's also inspired countless women to embrace their feminine power and challenge both traditional gender roles and male oppression.  


I can't think of a better song to represent Canada!

DJ Pezon

Country: Spain

Track: Puerta De La Cânne by  Le Parody

I've chosen this beautiful track "Puerta de la Cânne" from Le Parody, a Spanish female artist that I truly admire for being one of the most intelligent voices of the current electronic scene in our country. I think she's developing a powerful ability to mix folklore tradition and futurism in her tracks, melting them with a rave culture and deep feelings that are our very own, in a completely elegant and experimental way, and by this, becoming one of the most empowered women in electronic music in our days.


This is my small contribution, the energy of strong women from Madrid and Andalusia, which I hope will join that of many others worldwide. I think we need to be more intelligent than ever and create strategies to survive the hostilities we're facing and find underground paths to redefine the system and live in harmony with us, the earth we walk on and the people we love.

Tropical DJipsies

Country: Portugal

Track:  Nao E Desgraca Ser Pobre by Amalia Rodrigues

Track: Limite by Nidia Minaj

I've chosen an old school fado from our diva Amalia where she sings : its not a disgrace to be poor , its not a disgrace to be crazy...  and a more recent beat from Nidia our young Afro house Princess. She's born in Lisboa with roots of Guiné Bissau and Cabo Verde; she's an awsome producer and plays live sets with 4 cdj's running at the same time. she's also a really nice human being that really deserves to be heard and appreciated! 


As for the putrid patriarchal society of Poland i just feel like saying : fuck them very much!!!  

To all strong Polish women may they know they are not alone, female power echoes around the world backing them up. A Female Revolution is coming and its gonna kick ass!  <3 


Country: Brasil

Track: Oxum by Zéze Motta  

I chose this song because the lyrics speak about a female goddess in the Candomblé religion. I put down the wikipedia translation about this goddess.


Oxum (in Yoruba: Oṣun), in the Yoruba religion, is an orisha who reigns over fresh waters, being considered the lady of beauty, fertility, money, sensitivity, being closely linked to the spiritual and material riches of life, vanity, and female empowerment. She is represented by a beautiful African woman, adorned from head to toe with gold jewelry, sitting on the edge of a river, admiring herself in a round and golden mirror, carrying and breastfeeding a baby in her lap, representing all her power linked to beauty , tenderness and affection. It is worshiped in Candomblé, Umbanda and in several African-American religions. Oxum owns gold and precious stones, and is worshiped as queen of the Ijexá nation. She has the title of ialodê, that is, the great mother, among the orixás.

Here in Brazil we are experiencing a situation very similar to Poland, with the loss of freedoms and increasingly becoming a conservative country that does not represent women and their desires at all, recently we had a very serious case of a girl who was raped and she became pregnant when she was 11 years old, she by law can have an abortion, but the government and many conservative entities went to the hospital to try to prevent abortion, in short, there was no talk about the rapist and they put the girl’s life at risk by exposing her data on the internet and causing great embarrassment in front of the hospital, horror scenes.


We women have to come together and I'm sure the future will be feminine. When we can express ourselves and feel represented!

DJ Eurotrashyash 

Country: Canada

Track: High School Confidential by Rough Trade

Track: Żądza pieniądza by Maanam

Being a dual citizen of Poland & Canada, it's killing me that I feel powerless against the Polish government. I can't be there protesting on the streets with the strong willed, determined and courageous people of Poland. I kept thinking "What can I do to help?" All of a sudden Korneila (founder of @ladiesonrecords) approached me with this project and it was kismet.


I decided the best way to represent would be to dedicate 2 (rather than 1) songs from my dual identity, from my vinyl collection, a Canadian song & a Polish song.


Song # 1 - Canada: "High School Confidential" by Rough Trade

(Album: Avoid Freud, 1981).  When the song was released it was one of the first explicitly sexy lesbian-themed top 40 songs of its time. Radio stations censored the song because of its obvious homosexual undertones. Written by band leaders Carole Pope & Kevan Staples, the song was originally supposed to be sung by a man but openly gay Pope took the lead, paving the way for a new era of sexual openness for LGTBQ & female artists.

Today in 2020 as Polish women fight for their reproductive rights, the LGTBQ+ people of Poland are also battling for their equality in a country that has "LGBTQ-free zones".  


When I hear this song I think of the freedom of speech and the freedom to love whoever you want to love. Your body is your choice and whoever you love is your choice, don't let anyone (especially the government) dictate otherwise. 


Song #2 - Poland: "Żądza Pieniądza'' by Maanam (Album: Maanam, 1981). The lead singer of Maanam, Kora, is the quintessential Polish rock icon-goddess. Tragically she died of ovarian cancer in 2018. This song title translates in English as "Lust for Money". I chose this song because of the way it sounds: it's punk, it's outspoken, it's loud and rambunctious. Kora was an activist. She fought for democracy (Solidarnosc) and women's rights. As Polish women fight today with the largest anti-government protests since Solidarity in the 80s, I feel Kora's energy in the air as freedom is on the horizon. Beyond being pro-choice, Poland deserves equality for women & the LGTBQ+ community, separation from the church and the state, more support for healthcare, education and full judicial independence. There’s a younger generation in Poland which was never involved with politics, but if any silver linings come from the protests it is that now more than ever the young people of Poland are ‘woke’ and on the streets everyday demanding their rights. I’m so proud of this country. My ancestral trauma runs deep on that land and I’m happy to heal it with the entire world as we watch female resistance and the power of the people!


“Abortion Without Borders” is an NGO which helps Polish women receive legal and safe abortions abroad. They have been providing pregnancy options counselling, including factual information about abortion since 2006. Any caller who wants an abortion will be signposted to Women Help Women, Ciocia Basia (abortion support in Berlin), Abortion Network Amsterdam or Abortion Support Network for further help. Check out their link and how you can donate at:

Tasha Goldberg

Country: USA

Track:  Blue Nile  by Alice Coltrane 

Track: Anuenue by KarenBe

Sisters in Poland, we are standing with you from around the world. We feel your anger and pain, and we celebrate your strength and courage. I think of my grandmothers, and their grandmothers, and their grandmothers...... and I feel a fire inside of me that fuels me to believe that it IS possible for us to overcome the injustices, to push back, to persevere, and to prevail. Each of us, in our own countries and world are facing these challenges on different levels with different intensities. The beauty of the music is that we connect, we share a frequency and we hold space.... so I share these songs to elevate us to a spiritual realm, to ground us in our power and give us the power to fly. 


Aunty Alice Coltrane music reminds me to fly, to let go of the boundaries and transcend the boundaries and lines that society serves us. She makes fearlessness beautiful and entrancing. 


KarenBe LoveSoundColor is another woman of sound who weaves light into anthems. Her music connects us, and holds us, and makes me feel my power. We as sisters are nature, and we share a power that is so profound. (Anuenue is Hawaiian for rainbow)


Country: France

Track::  Habibi Lawel - Habiba Msika (Sharouh Remix) 

Track: Bad Feminist - Madonna speech // Serenity, Popof (Sharouh Mashup)

Habibi Lawel - Habiba Msika (Sharouh Remix). Habiba Msika is Jewish Tunisian singer from the 1920's. Free woman, openly bisexual, she smashes all the taboos of the Tunisian society in the early XXth century with her songs about female desire and sexuality, which makes her a big inspiration for me and for many others. For all women fighting for their freedom. 


Bad Feminist - Madonna speech // Serenity, Popof (Sharouh Mashup). This track is a mashup I made with Madonna's speech when she was awarded women of the year in 2016 and the track Serenity by Popof. I found this speech so powerful insofar as it fights misogyny and hypocrisy by standing for the right of women to own their sexuality and by underlining that self-belief is the key to empowerment.


Country: USA

Track: I Do That by Cuenique

The song is basically my way of telling men in this dominated genre that I dj and produce just as well as any man...hell, even better. No matter what my stance,  I don't feel it's a man's place to tell a woman what to do with her body. I've heard some stories as well as having my own in which a man has taken advantage. In 2020, I didnt think I'd see it but I'm seeing so much.  

DJane Irinski

Country: Germany

Track: Boof Bäng Pow by Fantasma Goria

Feminist and powerful greetings from Germany. Fantasma Goria doesn't care about what is "normal" and how should things be. She defines the way of life like she wants and not how people say it should be. She is self-determined like Polish women should be!

In solidarity!


Country: Isreal

Track: I rise by Ellyott (words by Maya Angelou)

Here is a new unreleased track I made, with a message of power and hope.


 One world, one fight, much love and power from Tel-Aviv!


Country: Turkey

Track: Bom Dia by Ahu

The song from the newly released EP "Platonic". The song tells that about the worlds getting older and we still we are struggling after thousands of years for injustice.

DJ Carie

Country: France

Track:  Je suis décadente by Brigitte Fontaine 

Track: Pelas Bruxas by DJ Carie

Polish women need love and empathy! 


Country: Turkey

Track:: Sultan ı Yegah by Nur Yoldaş 

To support Polish women I have chosen the song of Nur Yoldaş - the powerful Turkish female singer from 70s.

Gelly Mantouvalos 

Country: Greece

Track:  Αν θυμηθείς το όνειρο μου by Giovanna

 Giovanna is talking about her deeper desires in life. The tittle means "If you remember my dream".

My message for Polish Women is : Deep belief. Fight for your right. PATIENCE.

DJ Nixie

Country: Belgium

Track: Abortus Vrij, De Vrouw Beslist by Banda

Track: Niets is voor altijd by Madou

Artist: Madou

Title: Niets is voor altijd

Released in 1982

I love this song, but it's actually very sad because it's about a woman who is fed up with her man abusing her and so she killed him. 


'Abortus Vrij, De Vrouw Beslist' which means: Abortion free, the woman decides!

Natalie Shooter

Country: UK

Track: Mawal Al Ashaa' by Sharifa Fadel

Sharing this song 'Mawal Al Ashaa' by Sharifa Fadel, the all-powerful Egyptian actress and singer, in solidarity with the women of Poland. Your collective action has inspired us all. We send you full power and support for your courageous movement against state violence on women's bodies.

DJ Honey

Country: Australia

Track:  I Want Action  by Betty Chung 

I stand in power and solidarity with our sisters in Poland and around the world. Stay fierce in your resilience and strength. We support you.

Betty Chung demanded action back in the 60s, and so do we!


Country: France

Track:: De mon âme à ton âme by KOMPROMAT (ft. Adèle Haenel).

The track De mon âme à ton âme by KOMPROMAT (ft. Adèle Haenel) is a sorority (and lesbian) song and I find it very powerful and poetic, it's dark but gives me some strenghts to keep fighting along with all womxn for our rights.


The title can be translated to "From my soul to your soul" and what this means to me is that we, womxn, are connected and give power to each other.

Lola Villa

Country: Colombia

Track:: Wendys Of Death by Lola Villa ft. Pedram Rahmatabadi

The song is about women being silenced. It's a call from a Latina woman to other women for the reclamation of our voices. No te dejes callar, meaning: don't let them silence you. There's "mujer" all over the track, meaning woman! I'm calling other women in support. 

Coco Maria

Country: Mexico

Track: Sin Final (Without end) by

Ela Laboriel 

 I chose this track, not necessarily for the lyrics or the title, but for what the career of Ela Laboriel represents for me.


She had a short musical career, but she had the potential for more, just like her brother, who is one of the most famous singers and musicians of the '60s in Mexico. 

Unfortunately, at that time, she didn't have the support she needed and dropped out. I wonder how many other talented women don't follow their call because of restrictions on their environment.

Madam Schorcher

Country: UK

Track: When I'm gonna be free by Dawn Penn

The track was chosen for the lyrics and it's sad that in these times we still have to fight for our rights.

"I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own" a quote by Audre Lorde

In solidarity for the women of Poland.

Ladies on Records

Country: Poland

Track: Idę Dalej!  by Halina Frąckowiak

I am a Polish woman, but since years I have lived in Turkey. I have been watching the protests of the Polish sisters from the distance. I have been angry that I couldn't be with them. I have been sad, that women needed to fight again and again for their rights. But I feel also extremely proud of Polish women, who have a huge power to unite and fight for their rights, bring people together and make the real change. 

I want to dedicate the song of the famous Polish singer - Halina Frąckowiak to all the women in the world. "Idę dalej" is a revolutionary song. It carries the message of sadness, anger and strength to move forward and change the world!

Go Girls! Go Women! We are with YOU!

Thank You

To all the Artists and  the Designer for the huge support   

Spread the word / Share the mixes / Support Polish Women

#strajkkobiet #ogolnopolskistrajkkobiet #womenempowerment #czarnyprotest

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