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Ladies on Records

What is Ladies on Records?

Ladies on Records is a curated multifaceted endeavour created to represent women's contribution to global and local music of the past decades. Ladies on Records tells the stories of women by the music they created. 

Ladies on Records' mission is to reshape and improve understanding and knowledge of female music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s from all over the world and make it re-discovered and appreciated again by the local and global audience. It sheds new light on female creation in music and exposes unspoken, forgotten, or neglected cultural, political, and aesthetic patterns. Ladies on Records' main goal is to tell the stories of female artists from the past in a new, contemporary way.


How does it work?

Ladies on Records is a curatorial venture. Its primary focus is female music caught on dusty records and tapes, in the hidden archives and back catalogs of the music labels from around the world. Therefor Ladies on Records specialises in the creation of music compilations released both in physical and digital but also in creating mixes, playing DJ sessions and writing stories about music and female singers.

Who is Ladies on Records?

Kornelia Binicewicz - Polish origin record collector. DJ and anthropologist of culture currently living in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2015, she moved to Istanbul to explore female music from Turkey and the Middle East. Daily, she lives on the island near Istanbul travels all around the world in search of mesmerising music and meaningful stories to tell. 



Let’s meet 

12.05 - Tavern / Istanbul

20.05 - Taproom / Istanbul

2,06 - Simone / Istanbul

3.06 - Bina / Istanbul

8.06 - Gizli Bahce / Istanbul

17.06 - Back to Style Festival / Naples

24.06 - Goethe Sessions / Schwabisch Hall

7.07 - Letnisko / Worsaw

8 - 9.07 - Amour Sur Seine / Paris

13.07 - Warsaw TBA

14.07 - Spatif / Warsaw

15.07 - 100cznia/ Gdańsk

19.07 - La Clusaz

22.07 - Electric Castle Festival / Cluj

5.08 - Garbicz Festival



Mixtapes, Sets & Soundlectures

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Curated albums



Turkish Ladies. Female Singers from Turkey 1974 - 1988

Sony Music Turkey/ Epic Istanbul

Released worldwide (Vinyl, CD and digital)

May 2018

Female singers embody everything that is the most spectacular and precious in music. Their style reflects what is glamorous, vivid, important. However, the female music does not only reflect what is visible and accepted. It also mirrors all neglected, undervalued dreams and expectations. Female singers are not only artists. They are messengers.


"Turkish Ladies" compilation is curated by Kornelia Binicewicz aka Ladies on Records and made of deep and profound listening of the message of Turkish women singers. Created from vast music archives of old Turkish labels under the umbrella of Sony Music Turkey, the compilation catches the diversity of Turkish women music scene – from seductive and charismatic divas of gazinos and pavyons to straightforward and sharp folk singers of tavernas. 


After great interest and revivalism of Turkish music from late 60s, 70s and 80s, it is high time to rediscover and appreciate the women story of this exciting period in music from Turkey. Sweet melodies and heartbreaking dramas are kept in edgy arrangements and compositions with eccentric synthesizers, mesmerizing arabesque string orchestras, waka waka funky guitars and narcotizing rhythm sections of darbukas and drum sets. Get surprised with variety of influences and fusions – from classical Türk Sanat Müziği, Argentinian tango, Spanish flamenco, Egyptian classical orchestras, traditional folk songs to worldwide popular disco, psychedelia, funk in local unique setups from late 70s and 80s.



Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu

Uzelli Kaset

Released worldwide (Vinyl, CD and digital)

March 2017

Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu is a compilation of psychedelic sounds from Turkey, offering a new perspective, fresh names and undiscovered genres. Pressed for the first time on vinyl, released on CD and digital, all the tracks were discovered in Uzelli's archives. Selected from thousands of tracks, re-mastered from master tapes and high quality recording tapes. Radical and edgy electrified bağlamas, moog and synthesizers, combined with sweet melodies and heart braking lyrics that will open your ears to the yet-undiscovered Anatolian soundscape.

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